1, corporate service concept: began in customer needs, and finally customer satisfaction

2, business purposes: rigorous, honest, pragmatic and innovative

3, the spirit of enterprise: unity, vitality, learning, innovation

  Enterprise spirit is the highest code of conduct of enterprises, is to measure business decision-making, management, system, behavior, image is correct benchmark.

4, corporate values

  To social, customer, business, employee value maximization of the code of conduct

5, management guidelines

  (1), to market demand decision-making guide;

  (2), in good faith dedicated to create a good quality;

  (3), to teamwork to facilitate the process;

  (4) to scientific analysis of data facts;

  (5) to establish a corporate atmosphere in a fair and equitable manner;

  (6) to improve the quality of innovation and efficiency;

  (7), to efficient service cited high-quality customers.

6, should have the six consciousness

  (1), the target consciousness: to have a goal, the destination to work;

  (2), service awareness: to use good service to win customers;

  (3), sense of efficiency: from the interests and costs to consider the two aspects of work;

  (4), the quality of consciousness: to think about how to complete the task of high quality;

  (5), team awareness: to comply with the process, and colleagues with each other, good cooperation;

  (6), standard awareness: to work according to rules and regulations.